Here’s something else that I’ve moaned about over the years. Yep. Litter.

We can argue about how some of these things are single-use plastics which we shouldn’t be using and how we should be using Community Protection Notices and Litter Abatement Orders to force businesses to either clear litter around their premises or to take steps to prevent littering. The current council hasn’t used either of those tools even once and yet there’s quite a lot of branded litter here.

The bin in the picture above is a North Somerset Council bin in Melrose Car Park, a car park owned by North Somerset Council. But it was the same story at the Beach Lawns during the Pageant of Transport over the Easter weekend:

Beach Lawns Litter

Anyway, perhaps if the bins were emptied more regularly people wouldn’t have to dump their rubbish next to the bins?

Again, it’s a One Click fix that wouldn’t be expensive to do, and it’d make the town more attractive to visitors. Let’s get back to basics!

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