Italian Gardens

Yes, I preferred the Italian Gardens when it was actually a garden, but we have to accept that what’s done is done.

From there, though, it seems almost criminal that the “transformation” of the Italian Gardens – which went well over budget resulting in the project costing almost three million quid – has resulted in what’s basically a patio that isn’t really being utilised. OK, so there’s a few events there, but it’s mostly empty.

We need more events there. And we don’t just need events on the weekends. We need stuff happening there during the week too. That’d drive people to the High Street and let’s face it, the High Street needs as much helps as it can get at the moment.

Farmers markets? Live music? Even encouraging buskers would be a start. Let’s do a bit more with it because otherwise that’ll have been three million quid that was wasted.

What would you like to see happening at the Italian Gardens? Email me:

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